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From now on, I will retain the body.

What is it like? Being insane. Being human.

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Name:Lady Myria LeJean
Website:Discworld Wiki

[ Note: Pretty much just a standing personal journal for the mun these days. Hello, I guess? ]

He recognized them. They were not life forms. They were... non-life forms. They were the observers of the operation of the universe, its clerks, its auditors. They saw to it that things spun and rocks fell.

And they believed that for a thing to exist it had to have a position in time and space. Humanity had arrived as a nasty shock. Humanity practically was things that didn't have a position in time and space, such as imagination, pity, hope, history, and belief. Take those away and all you had was an ape that fell out of trees a lot.

Intelligent life was, therefore, an anomaly. It made the filing untidy. The Auditors hated things like that. Periodically, they tried to tidy things up a little.
-Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett
Lady Myria LeJean is a character from Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time. Apocryphal Auditor of Reality, either taken mid-way through her character arc...
or at its delicious conclusion.
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